That gives me another story. It is little simple things that go broken within systems and people as a whole are strategically incompetent... No one knows what to do and the one that comes and points out errors will not feel the eros or agape love.  

Cheap management allowed the deaths of the astronauts. Engineers had already created redundancy in those O-Rings and management wanted more. If only someone had paid attention or cared.

The system is screwed and they are waiting on some higher power to take care of it all. And maybe it will and maybe not in the way that they would like.

At some point much like a store, that provided poor customer service, people just don't return. Don't upset the apple cart, if it isn't broke don't fix it.

Add a bureaucratic system to this and one discovers that they have been challenged. Who are the dead fish, it is said that even a dead fish can float upstream. So we are taught one message and informed not to practice it. The Space Shuttle was a huge machine and yet it took something simple to allow it to explode.

And if it is broke just ignore it until it is really broke.  After all it is someone else's job. And don't forget to come up with another catchy sounding program that will bring money in at little cost and do next to nothing. Imagine someone visiting and seeing the tiny things that need to be fixed and wanting to donate money to a church.

He/she sees the waste and just walks away. No one is responsible for anything that happens. No one can convince them of the solution and then even though they know the solution. Are we waiting for leadership? 


They brought in the consultants, great at speechifying and with humorous stories and anecdotes. These people have no skin in the game. The church was packed, special guests were called in, music was played.

The homily was about being a good and faithful servant and how the deceased understood business. "Know what you want and know how to get there..."

The knowing thought it could be better put, "How does one know how to get to heaven." And tears and a special semi-perpetual candle with a mass card underneath it... It was touching and a big charade. Just going through the social motions. And then one individual asked them to plant a plant for that individual, and they all had their excuses which they thought were novel and they weren't. What a shame. Lassitudinous.

Flash forward, someone wanted to do something in memory of that individual. The goal to plant one shrub or flower in his memory. The simple became impossible, each individual either delayed or had an excuse and this was commonplace behavior. A plague had overtaken them.

It was the culture of the church and to step out of the roles they played during the funeral would be a terrible thing. A funeral designated certain behaviors and they all played their roles well. It was afterwards that the real funeral began.


"Strategic incompetence" is the art of avoiding certain tasks by pretending you don't know how to do them." Mental Floss.

A funeral to hope and faith and love and charity. They didn't take one step more to do the right thing. The funeral play was over and the memory of that individual soon forgotten, just like the buffet the had eaten at the wake. The wake only woke them temporarily ? I guess it is all temporary. His memory was just a burp. Someday theirs will be as well. A blip on the radar screen.

The individuals memory was just gastric distress and all those tears weren't for the dead but for them. Someone asked them to honor his memory by planting one plant and the answer he received was, "No." "All that evil has to do to triumph is ask, 'What will they think of me?'" Of course this story is unreal and could never happen among decent Christians. And yet; the Atheists are laughing. How many weak links in the chain ?

Once upon at time I worked as a low level supervisor in a Grocery store. The culture in the beginning was that if you saw something that needed to be done you did it. You didn't wait for the right person to handle it-you got the job done. 

That meant that you might be on register and a man from corporate would be bagging for you, or a boss would go out and push carts, or if you saw a mess you cleaned it up yourself. For the most part there was no caste system. Why do some people believe they are above doing menial yet useful tasks ? Gung Ho ! What are you Gung Ho about ?