20. Needs more cuddle time with Rudy and Putin.

19 Firing people just doesn't have the same feel as it did in the old days.

18. Some people say he has been caught falling asleep during Colbert's Monlogue.

17. Has trouble deciding to dye his hair Papaya Whip or Atomic Tangerine.

16. Letterman is returning to Netflix.

15. Needs to figure out where Mein Kampf went wrong and return his copy to the library.

14 Is starting to think Rosie O'Donnell is sexy. And misses calling her a pig.

3. Buyer's Remorse for paying the Russians so much money to rig the election.

    Thinks he could of got the Chinese to do it cheaper. Demands litigation.

12. Wants to make the dumpy White House into condos.

11. Putin not as sexy looking as he was in photos.

10. Spends too much money on remote control golf balls.

9. Can't decide whether to re-decorate the commode with Gold or Platinum.

8. Discovered that the Pentagon stole the idea of drones from Radio Shack. Furious.

7. Latest Scandal Melania made from Cubic Zirconia.

6. No longer the crotch grabber he once was.

5. Now he is begging Hillary Clinton to demand a recount.

4. Needs to spend less time with those bratty kids of his.

3. Needs more time to figure out all those lies he told.

2. Thinking of giving Mike Pence a real job.

1. Needs more time to think of himself, stare in the mirror, oggle Ivanka, cheat at golf, bathe, spend money, rip

people off, fire them and file for unemployment and bankruptcy all while having a ghost writer write his memories. Phew.

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