Jesus says-I give you a new commandment... Love God with your whole heart and soul and love your neighbor as yourself.

So sometimes I really don't like myself and upon breaking it down now I look at my parts and realize that I wouldn't want to be without any part of me and yet something remains that I don't like. I would tease myself about knowing what Saints I wasn't even close to, being like them and was amazed about what they did some under very trying circumstances and others as benefactors.

Impressive, some even to the point of death. So my belief that I haven't been able to keep up with is the new commandment which wasn't anything new. God forbid should I love someone like I love myself. And in a search for purity of keeping that command-it became difficult.

How dare life do that to me. What happened to all that once you are committed stuff that stated great things would happen? Manna didn't fall from the sky and still from time to time life was glorious. I always thought this was interesting.

A new commandment? Well it might be new to those who didn't get the message the first time. It really isn't new is it? And don’t we fail time and time again to live these words out? So, I undertook a project with someone that I just didn’t get along with and still I endeavored to help this individual and it took a lot of work not to sucked into a personality that was flawed because I already had my own defects in that area.

So in the end I just ended up peeved and irritated with myself for not being a better individual and being able to overcome my feelings toward another and yet those who have undergone greater injustices did just that. Any clue how?

So how do we keep our sanity while being tepidly loving? It just brings the principle of the teaching home again and again, hopefully. How can we love what we do not know?

I can think I know someone just by looking at them and yet another part of my mind knows this isn't true or valid. And still, nevertheless that is what I do. Fast quick judgments based on a sundry list of willy, nilly, arbitrary and capricious data. Could it be that if we saw Jesus as he was, that we wouldn't like his appearance or smell or telling us that our love is flawed?

So, the heart of life is to be loving and this statement brings it home once again. The Bible states the same message over and over again and I have failed.

Would I be a better person if I were more loving?

The story is told of an old pastor that was assigned to a new parish. Naturally the congregation was curious why he had been transferred so late in life and also what he would be like. So many questions entered their minds.

So, the first week he gets up and gives his homily and the people are astounded by the message and pumped up.

Well the second week he gives the same sermon. And the people just think that he must be getting older or made a mistake.

And the third and fourth week he preaches the same thing once again.

The congregation that once welcomed this priest now were coming up with all sorts of theories what was a matter with him and some even became angry, indignant or simply frustrated. They went from love to hate.

They formed a committee as churches often do to banter further as to what to do.

This went on for some time, until finally someone spoke up and said, "Why don't we just ask him?"

The parishioners were dumbfounded as to why they haven't thought of that and so the group picked one man to volunteer and ask the good father what was up. "Father we love having you at our            church. We know of all the degrees that you have gotten and all the people you have helped and the countless hours that you have served. Let me get to the point. Why do you give the same sermon again and again?

The withered and aged priest responded, "Why should I talk about anything else? I will change the sermon when we start practicing it here."

I used to joke around that if I ever became a priest or was asked to give a speech on the Bible, I would get up wait till the crowd silenced, wait some more and then say, the word, "Love," wait some more and sit down. Why did I think that would be amusing? I could imagine the minds of those who paid for that education and their indignation at not getting more. Isn't it our goal to be loving? And if not why not?

And yet we fail, for so many reasons. "Do you love me?" Was a loaded question. After having used this story time and time again, what would our answer be? Peter was probably thinking, "What is going to happen if I say, 'Yes'".

A man was visiting his father in the nursing home and told his dad that it was time to go for a walk. The father asked, "Why?" Well dad it is a nice spring day and it is good to get some exercise. Dad once again responds, "Why?"

It couldn't hurt to get you out of bed and go feed the squirrels and see the birds and all the wonderful flowers. Once again the son was asked, "Why?"

Soon the son became frustrated and irritated, almost to the point of anger and questioned, "Dad, I don't understand, I ask you to go out and all you do is ask 'Why'?"

"Son for years I changed your dirty diapers, taught you to talk, and walk, read to you even when you didn't want to go to bed, fetched numerous glasses of water and much, much more. And now I ask 'Why' three times and you are pissed with me."

I read another story, I believe it was a Franciscan, who was well know for his insightful teachings and deep thoughts. The monk always received a generous stipend and was well liked. He gets up in front of an enormous crowd waits until their is complete silence and states the word, "Peace," and then he stood their for a moment and sat down.

The crowd was in a furor. How could they spend so much money for this conman to state one word and then sit down? They thronged around him and asked the obvious question. "What was up with that?" He responded, "Is there anything else?" And today I pick up a bulletin and found this. Perfect makes perfect love.


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