For if the teachings of Jesus aren't about love and indulgence, remorse, self-examination and atonement and giving more than you have gotten what are they about?  I have attributed pain to giving someone another chance and therefore am at fault. What joy can we impart to showing love to those who hurt us? Aren't we much better athletes afterwards?

When we have fought the good fight aren’t or run that marathon of life aren’t we much stronger afterwards? Every failure, turkey, misadventure, flop, outcomes that didn't meet our vision of a vibrant journey or our recipe for a stunning life contains within the bulb a valuable flower of information, even the worst failure contains the modicum of success. 

Forgiveness  is what the doctor ordered for what ails us and is the therapeutic prescription, if only we have it filled and take it as recommended. The medicine can do no good if we don't use it. Marveling at the bottle or the pill does no good. Heading to the gym and spying the machines won't do much. It would be insane to think that looking at the newfangled machine at the gym is going to help you gain muscle mass. Religion is all about consistent practice and not just hitting the barbells during New Years. I have failed in this manner.

Ask that you will be better and not bitter. Certainly most of what you practice you get better at, isn't that true? So I ask to be a hotshot at overlooking faults so that it will be for the greater glory of God and his people. Take a negative situation and thank it for the wonders that it taught you. Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong, the mentally astute, the wonder workers and Jesus gave it freely.

If we start with forgiveness of ourselves as best we can it could be that we might run a better human machine. There was a story about a woman, who just recently died in the newspapers. She was seriously injured when someone threw a turkey from on overpass that hit her car and yet she forgave them. It just might take practice. I can forgive and at times hold a arsenal of weapons at bay upon discovering this-my preparing for the same thing to happen and asked-in my older age-"For what purpose am I remembering this? With so many good things to remember?"

So I will now, hopefully. Can we make clemency and the it component parts fun? And when we extend grace how to deal with the leftover crumbs or slivers that still our caught in our eyes? Is it possible to forgive like we want to be forgiven? And while looking into our own abyss of a soul can we forgive ourselves? Didn’t get the job done? Didn’t get the promotion?

Can we forgive ourselves for not being prepared for that at that time? And so many more things were we have failed others as well as ourselves. That is my quest. How when we go down the same path of dwelling and perseverance can we short circuit the old and improper way of thinking and instill in us a new neural network that is beneficial and bright and win-win? 

All we had was life. That's my confession. Isn't it amazing how God brought you through it all without leaving you bitter? I have gotten better at being bitter at times. Are we supposed to “swim upstream,” or “go against the grain,” as Christians or are we supposed to be wall flowers and dust on an old picture frame? Counter-intuitive is a word that was often used when talking about the Bible to a friend.

We look back and realize that in our youth we have made many mistakes, simply because we were reckless and on autopilot. Human are we ?

Probably. Are not good enough for even you? Sometimes we need to forgive ourselves. Sometimes we aren't good enough or knowing enough or aware enough regarding how to deal with the waves that life has to offer.

Think about music or ceremony and my church has it made. How about yours? Should we criticize or not? Once upon a time there was a book telling us not to sweat the details. Are the details of your life story important? Are the details of making sure the hospital you stay in has properly cleaned the equipment that they use important when you are going to have a life saving surgery ?

And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.  I often criticize the church and at times its people and processes and how at times the uplifting church is not so uplifting. So many components are in place in very diverse ways and still it seems so many simple things are left undone.

And shouldn't we who have forgiven such a huge debt dismiss the debt of another as well? Someone once said, “We forgive because much has been forgiven of us.” Regarding business, the statement was put forth, regarding when stuck how to  "... Ask a better question." 

I am going to be bold and say that forgiving makes us more like Jesus. Was Jesus a good forgiver ?  Jesus is the Superstar of leniency and magnanimity. And so knowing that model is there aren't we contracted to do the same as best as possible and find ways to get better at it like a skill that we like or fascinating hobby ? How many times have we been forgiven ?