Is The Sky Falling?



In your life has their been a time when you were committed and energized beyond all belief that you would do anything to get something done?    And would it be crazy to think that if you wanted something bad enough that you would go and get it?  

You were definitely supercharged at times like these, weren't you? Unflappable, nothing could stop you now, that has happened in the past to all of us, hasn't it?


I have taken the time to acknowledge all the wonderful things that you the successes have accomplished, the doers, the achievers and to give thanks for all the intelligent moves that you have made in life to help others get back on track and do the right thing. So much intelligence, drive and perseverance, you all are part of the uplifting church.  Why stop there?

Congratulations for the panacea of solutions and efforts that you have made within our lives. Thank You.

We like to consider ourselves great Christians don't we? That is the goal, correct?

We endeavor and strive to do the things that are beneficial to use and society isn't that correct?

And we like to be acknowledged for our successes and those things that we have done right time and time again. That is a nice thing to happen isn't it? Doing the right thing.

So if Pope Francis called you up and asked you to solarize or use a wind turbine to generate electricity for the schools and the churches and the seminary; you being a loyal servant would do that correct? You are the type of people that lead by example. You are the example.

"We know that technology based on the use of highly polluting fossil fuels especially coal, but also oil and, to a lesser degree, gas needs to be progressively replaced without delay."

Did you know that the Vatican installed solar cells and that the entire fleet of the pope mobile were converted to hybrid cars? His words have led to action. His action. Recently, the Archdiocese of Chicago, has struck a deal with JDL Development to sell the lot across the street from Holy Name Cathedral for approximately 100 million dollars. Congratulations.

In this deal, were any environmental concerns addressed? Will the building use some form of renewable energy? Will poor youths be able to apprentice in the building of this complex? Both are interests the Cardinal has. I wonder if his people advanced them in this transaction or was it all about the money. What if all these future transactions regarding selling of buildings had this standard in place? WOW!

My belief is that the money should be used to green our churches. Holy Name Church should be a fine example, being the seat of the archdiocese, they could lead. Certainly some of this money could be used to install solar cells or even a wind turbine to provide an alternative to fossil fuels.

Or both. Lest I be presumptuous wouldn’t it be prudent to stop using paper in the restrooms and use modern day blowers? Over 300 churches at least some running inefficiently in regards to energy. Wouldn't it be wise to be efficient?

How about recycling on the four blocks surrounding Holy Name? Will the sheep follow the shepherd? Or is it just more lip service without deliberate and calculated action.

The Cardinal states, "The human environment and the natural environment deteriorate together." I agree.

Hopefully, he will start the discussion so that churches can divest from fossil fuels, as the Pope prescribes, "without delay." Without delay. Without delay. Why the delay then? Two astute and learned thinkers pointing the way on how to do the right thing. Who am I to argue? Thank You for considering the issue I have put before you.