So the priest in church was telling us how their was nothing new in the Bible story of Christmas. Well doggone it I thought of something new.

We hear about not having room in the inn and no food to be shared, and take that as a truth.

And yet in our own lives how many times have we really been without something to share as regards food? Isn't there always a tiny morsel of something-something available? Ad if you didn't have that you could find someone that does, correct?

And of course their is always room on the floor or in some spot in the house, so much better than a manger. The issue at hand is not that they didn't have these things or not that they couldn't find them or ask others to help these poor people. The issue was that their was no movement of the heart or compassion. They felt nothing for Mary and Jesus and showed no remorse. Strangers who could do nothing for them.

It could be that they were not even following their own law which is based on hospitality and stated how we are supposed to treat others when they come begging. The Bible tells us of stories where people had nothing and things suddenly came about out of nothing. And biblically they or their forefathers had seen miracles or heard about them.

But these individuals didn't go with that belief. They went with their cold hearts.

Similarly as I have written here before when I encountered the woman in church crying and people passing her by including priest I felt an urge to do the right thing and comfort her. Still what business of mine was it to do anything like that?

I also felt so many negative emotions toward doing what Christianity tells us to do. Have you ever heard great advice and just not want to take it? And stories like these can be found in the Bible as well.

Recently I asked a few friends that don't like our president to do a simple task. They moan and complain about him and when given the opportunity to do something positive the balked and made excuses. So it could be with those who denied Mary and Joseph even the simplest kindness.

And then we come to Herod and the Three Kings. The kings were supposedly pagan with belief in things like stars and astrophysics. And here they were searching for something better than what they knew. Sound familiar?

Herod is awakened from his slumber and asks the kings to report back to him. What if Herod had gone with them or sent an emissary with the kings. Was he just being coy or did he really care. A few times we hear in the Bible about great people that wanted to meet Jesus and never got off their butts.

 Then we would have a different story another sermon that I have never heard. We need to look into the story and be there and play different roles and characters to get a different and more unique take on the scene. So why didn't Herod go? Was he scared?

What would happen if this boy king and ruler was real? What would happen to him? Was he lazy? I don't know. I think though that it is something that happens to us all for whatever reason. We want to be loving. We want to care. We want to exercise more. We would like to quit smoking and then again, we don't really want to do any of these things. We have elements of both.

We cannot it seems have one without the other. We want to take that trip and we don't. Just as I wanted to be loving to this woman I saw crying and didn't. She ended up being a great friend. Was she in ectascy or on it? I never found out.

Alas I am comforted that I did the right thing. Practicing our faith is not easy. We are told that it will not be easy. It wasn't easy for Mary or Joseph either.

What kind of church would we be if we were the uplifting church that we thought others should be creating? Would we feed those poor knocking on our door? We have a recreation of this scene and it is called Posada. And people laugh and criticize those people who couldn't be loving to the infant and his parents. They couldn't do the right thing for whatever reasons got in the way. They had a list of ready made excuses just like my friends did when I asked them to help. They were strategically incompetent. Look it up.

How often do we ignore those who are supposed to Jesus in disguise. How often are we just like those who ignored a pregnant woman when the law told them to do differently? How are we like Herod in that we do not go out and search for the Christ Child? Take the pledge today if you see someone crying in church at least ask if they are okay. Merry Christmas.


The purpose of this article is to realize how silly excuses are.

Having been a proponent of telling people to stop saying,"yeah but," and still in my own life looking and searching and doing the same thing that I was instructing others not to do. I really don't care is a good reason not to do. People won't be helpful or the right people just won't show up in my life. It isn't worth it. It will be a pain in the ass. How is someone supposed to move on when the critic is doing what it does best, criticize. If the critical voice wasn't happening or was what could be happening instead?

I remember times in my life that, it didn't matter as much to me to be mocked or made fun of and that my own self-applause was good enough.

At the current moment I harbor resentment for other projects that failed and the nay-sayers.

How could one be thankful for this, time wasted? How do we reframe our losses? What can be learned?

I could talk about so many things in regards to failure, and realize that this alone is a futile experiment and still as I try to control my emotions, the battle continues and it seems that doomsday wins before I even start. Imagine trying to convince someone to buy something with all this going on inside. And while the storm carries on, as it has done many times you either get to your destination or not. You either get there or you don't. And yet it is more complicated than that.

I strive to find a way to get people involved on a grand scale, to do the projects that would be fulfilling to me and benefit our community. I search for another leader one that knows how, I was left with no one to model, or worse people or individuals that seemed unobtainable or unreachable. And all these are just different versions of excuses.

At the current moment. it seems a struggle even to get through typing this exercise.

Logically, I understand the deceptiveness of the mind and the defeat of ego. Why would I want to help? Where has my spirit gone? Others have given so much and yet my small contribution is just a small fraction of the worth or value of that which created me.

I am merely a shadow of the shadow's shadow and how does one proceed without internal motivation? And why is that the methods that used to work now fail me?

How is it that I fail to see my simple brilliance?  Am I merely an outcast when it comes to success, am I stingy for wanting more? The anger at the failure of my endeavors, rests on my shoulders.

And why should this emotion rule?  How do I use my intelligence in a better way? And once feeling more fit will people even notice and will the noticing if that is to be the way, be enough for me. Would certain people get it?  How many times shall life feel threatening and how is that others have endured much worse and yet thrived?  Where is that spirit and has it died because of my own shortcomings? Where is my foundation for getting results that are positive?  And where is that God who states that he will God the way through us? Thinking does not make something so.

Ask a better question. Dream a better dream. Start. Learn how to shift gears and exercise despite those excuses, for they are truly just words. Nike it.        



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